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NAVKE programmes for 2013

12 January: Naturist pool party

26 January: Naturist afternoon at the Dandár Spa
9 February: Naturist pool party
23 February: Naturist afternoon at the Dandár Spa
9 March: Naturist pool party
15-17 March: Excursion to the Nyírség region with naturist sauna evenings
23 March: Naturist afternoon at the Dandár Spa
6 April: Naturist pool party
21 April: Earth Day: Cleaning the free naturist beach in Gárdony
27 April: Naturist afternoon at the Dandár Spa
11-12 May: May-Day at Szigetmonostor
18-20 May: Canoe tour
25 May: 27th naturist hiking tour (if it's raining: 22 June)
25 May: 21 Naturist wine tasting at Szigetmonostor
8-14 July: 14th Young Naturists’ Camp at Sziksósfürdő (Sziki)
2-3 August: Group training at Délegyháza
7-11 August: Canoe tour
20 August: NAVKE meeting and mailing list meeting at Délegyháza
25 August: Naturist hiking (28th tour)
1 September: Bikers’ meeting at the Szalkszentmárton camp
21 September: Naturist afternoon at Ballószög Spa
12 October: Naturist pool party (NAVKE's 13th Anniversary at the Kispesti Swimming Pool)
19 October: Naturist afternoon at the Dandár Spa
16 November: Naturist pool party (in Erzsébetligeti Swimming Pool)
23 November: Naturist afternoon at the Dandár Spa
7 December: Naturist pool party (Santa Claus party in the Tatabánya, Gyémánt Fürdő, Cseri Street 33)
28 December: Naturist afternoon at the Dandár Spa

Events by other Hungarian naturist associations:

Association of Bereény's Naturist Friends (NBBKE):, phone: +36-20-3212234 (mobile)

május 4-11. közgyűlés
25-26 May: Childrens' day
15-16 June: Contest weekend (strong men, beer, cooking)
9-11 August: Sports weekend
30-31 August: Closing party

SZIKI Association, Sziksósfürdő (, phone: +36-20-249-8616 (mobile)
5 January: Belated New Year Party
2 February: Snowman party: Naturism in winter disguise (snowman contest, skating, throwing snowballs)
16 February: Butcher's party (private)
2 March: Carnival
30 March: Spring's greeting
27-28 April: Opening weekend
18 May: Voluntary work day at the camp site
25 May: Childrens' day
15 June: Sziki is 25 years old!
17-23 June: Artists' week
6 July: Coking contest
8-14 July: XIVth Young Naturists' Camp (organised by NAVKE)
20 July: Holland friends' welcome party
22-28 July: XXVth Naturist Sports Week
17-20 August: Sunset and shooting star watching
31 August: Lake party
13-15 September: Closing weekend

Naturist Park at Szigetmonostor,
13-14 April: Opening goulash party
11 May: May Day
25 May: Wine tasting
7-9 June: Strawberry festival
6-7 July: Petanque and archery
6-8 September: Cooking contest (in case of bad weather: 13-15)
4-6 October: End of summer
9-10 November: Fish days

News of the Federation of Naturists in Hungary (FENHU):,
Phone: +36-20-313-9170 and +36-20-967-3702 (mobile)

March: Meeting of European Naturist Associations
June: World Naturist Day
30 May - 5 une: Participation at the Alps-Adria International Baturist Sports Meeting at the Solaris Camp in Croatia

Join us! For events organised by NAVKE please ask for detailed information and register beforehand at or by phone on +36-20-313-9170 (mobile).