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Join us!

Membership application form: click here.

Membership fee (for 2014):
3500 Ft
2000 Ft (students)

Bank Account: Fókusz Takarékszövetkezet 51700265-11129053-00000000
Tax number: 18241329-1-43
Donations to the association can be deducted from income tax.
Persons paying their income tax in Hungary have the possibility to dedicate 1% of their income tax to NAVKE.

NAVKE is a member of International Naturist Federation and of the Federation of Naturists in Hungary (NAMASZ)
NAVKE members get a 10% discount at our partner sites:
- The Naturist Oázis Camp
- The Naturist Camp and Beach at Balatonberény
- SZIKI Sziksósfürdő Naturist Camp

Our membership card entitles to discounts between 5-50% at partners of the Euro Discount Club