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What's "NaVKE"?

It's simple: this abbreviation that can easily be remembered is the Naturists` Virtual Club Association, which was founded in the year 2000. We are a civil/non governmental organisation with the aim to promote the naturist way of life (and to overcome prejudices against naturism that are unfortunately rather wide-spread in Hungary by providing information about naturism) and to organise naturist events.
On our homepage you’ll find information about naturist programmes and events in Hungary – mostly our own, of course, but we provide information also about (and participate in) our partner organisations’ events.

Hungarian Naturist Children and Youth Camp

The first camp for children and teenagers was organised back in 2000 at the Naturist Camp of Sziksósfurdõ. Since then it has become a tradition: every year in the second week of July NaVKE expects kids and teenagers (and their adult relatives) with lots of programmes, games, excursions and contests at the Sziksósfürdő Camp called Sziki, near Szeged.

Naturist hiking - NaTura

We organized our first excursion in May 2000. Since then, we have organised several trips for our nature-loving naturist friends who like hiking in such an unusual way. In Hungary, we have lots of places where you won’t meet a soul in a year, so we find a new place for each hiking trip, usually a walk of 6-10 km at a nice place somewhere in the plains. - You don`t need anything but yourself--nature is given. This is our motto for naturist hiking: Come the way you were born!

Naturist swimming and sauna events

During the winter, once a month NaVKE provides an opportunity to enjoy naturist swimming and sauna with friends at an indoor pool in Budapest. Depending on the site, a kids pool, a spa and a gym are also available. If you’re looking for something naturist in the winter, join us!

Naturist spa

For some time, we have been visiting the Dandár spa in Budapest once a month (during the winter) on a saturday afternoon. As the spa is quite small, this event is for members only.

Canoe trips

A few years ago, we have taken to canoe trips. By now, we are organising two trips a year, a shorter one (a weekend trip) in June and a longer one in August. We just take up nomadic life for a couple of days, pitching our tents at wild camp sites and enjoying life, drifting downstream.

Excursions to the countryside

Around March 15th (a national holiday in Hungary), we choose a small quiet guest house with a sauna somewhere in the countryside to spend a few days there, visiting the sights of the region and taking walks, spending the evenings in the nude together at the sauna.


If you would like to join us at one of our events, please contact us at

Seat: 1221 Budapest Kossuth L. u. 70. fszt. 1.

Phone: +36-20-313-9170
Donations to the association can be deducted from income tax.
Persons paying their income tax in Hungary have the possibility to dedicate 1% of their income tax to NAVKE.
Bank account number: Fókusz Takarékszövetkezet 51700265-11129053-00000000
Tax number: 18241329-1-43